General Duty Safety Fence From Norplex, Inc.
7 lb. Safety Fence from Norplex, Inc.

General Safety Fence

Our lightweight plastic mesh barrier fencing is visually appealing and excellent at pedestrian control.
For years contractors and event organizers have depended on Norplex, Inc. for durable safety and barrier fencing with smooth edges. The smooth borders make our safety fencing less likely to cut and scrape surfaces during installation and removal processes. Whether it is used to create visual barriers around construction sites and work zones, or as crowd control at fairs, festivals, carnivals, parades, and sporting events, our safety and barrier fencing affords you security and durability with affordability.

Protex 7

Heavy Duty Safety fence from Norplex, Inc.
8 lb. Saftey Fence From Norplex, Inc.

DOT spec / Heavy Duty

Snow Fence from Norplex, Inc.
Snow Fence from Norplex, Inc.

Snow Fence

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