FlexStorm Inlet Protection


The FLEXSTORM CATCH-IT system is the preferred catch basin insert for temporary inlet protection, jobsite erosion control, and stormwater filtration. FLEXSTORM CATCH-IT catch basin inserts fit any drainage structure: Curb Inlets, Round Inlets, Drop Inlets and Open throat Inlets are all easily protected with our patented design system. FLEXSTORM Inlet Filter bags come with Woven fabric (FX) or Nonwoven fabric (IDOT) which effectively control eroded material from leaving the jobsite. Whether you are the specifier or the user it is clear to see how FLEXSTORM CATCH-IT Inlet Filters outperform the competition.

Dandy Products Curb Sack

Dandy products

Providing Superior Inlet Protection

The Dandy Bag, Dandy Pop and Dandy Sack are three proven solutions from our inlet filter family – that help protect storm grates and storm drains from heavy, sediment-laden stormwater.

Dandy stormwater control, sediment control products and curb inlet protection filters are used to filter out light or thick sediment-laden stormwater from sewer drains (with or without grates) and provide superior inlet protection. They also provide excellent de-watering and oil skimmer solutions.

Dandy Sack & Dandy Curb Sack
Dandy Bag & Dandy Curb Bag
Dandy pop & Dandy Curb