Straw Logs Stock
Straw Logs stock

Straw Wattles

Western Excelsior manufactures Excel Straw Logs to provide sediment control and inlet protection. Utilizing 100% agricultural, weed free straw, Excel Straw Logs are manufactured in a variety of diameters and lengths. Excel Straw Logs are intended to be utilized on slopes to minimize displacement of in-situ sediments; in channels as small check dams and to restrict sediment laden flow from inlets. For More Information Applications

Excelsior Blanket
Excelsior Blanket

Excelsior logs

Curlex Sediment Log uses excelsior fibers to reduce hydraulic energy & filter sediment-laden runoff. Tired of straw and hay bale checks being blown out and the fibers washed downstream to clog the nearest outlet? For More Information Installation Instructions

Triangular Silt Dike
Triangular Silt Dike

Triangular Silt Dikes

Made with lightweight and durable materials, Triangular Silt Dike™ barrier comes in seven foot section and installs in minutes with U-shaped wire staples. The flexibility of the barrier allows it to be installed on rough and rocky terrain while the protective aprons on both sides of the barrier helps prevent erosion and failure of the structure. Advantages:

  • Effective
  • Fast & Easy Installation
  • Conforms to Curves and Rough Terrain
  • Light Weight & Durable
  • Re-usable
  • Easy to Install on Concrete or Asphalt
Coir Logs
Coir Logs

Coir Logs

Coir Logs are utilized in a variety applications including stream bank restoration and bio-engineering. Constructed completely of bio-degradable materials, coir logs provide unique advantages as a sediment control product. Coir logs are available in varying densities, diameters and lengths to suit project requirements. For more information Specifications

Erosion Eel installed
Erosion Eels Installed

Erosion Eels

The Erosion Eel is a highly effective erosion control device used at a construction site to prevent sediment from leaving the job site. The Eel is used in lieu of other conventional BMP items. The Erosion Eel is made of a woven polypropylene geotextile Is filled with recycled tires Requires no staking (except in concentrated flow) Is a hardy and sustainable BMP Sizes Available 9.5″ dia.x 10’L Eel. (150 lbs) (14 per pallet) 9.5″dia. x 4.5’L Eel (40lbs) (28 per pallet) Custom sizes from 12″ to 20″ dia. available Click for more information